With a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania artist Barbara Kacicek has exhibited in numerous museum and invitational exhibitions including 'Getting Real: 20th Century American Realism from the Philip Desind Collection' and  'Contemporary Imaginings: the Howard A. and Judith Tullman Collection'. Her award-winning work, embraced by distinguished collectors throughout the United States and abroad, is featured in North Light Books' 'How to Discover Your Personal Painting Style' and 'Strokes of Genius', 'The Artist's Magazine' and 'Pratiques des Arts'.

Barbara’s chief influences are the Old and Modern Masters, the sky (clouds, stars, wind, phases of the moon), the quality and color of shifting light, walking, standing still, the poetry of singer-songwriters, day dreams, night dreams, the human figure, fruit, water, her hands.


My paintings and drawings are a reflection of my quiet, contemplative existence. Usually bathed in the light of the ‘magic hour’, my subjects are imbued with a sense of mystery, memory and poetry under thoughtful, careful observation. Surrounded by beauty, my intent is to capture fleeting moments of shifting light over clouds, over trees, over fruit, over drapery, over skin – each one a unique, rapturous meditation on form, light and color, revealing the unseen world through the seen world.

All paintings meet archival standards using the highest quality oil colors on oil-primed linen panels, gessoed panels or stretched oil-primed linen.

All drawings are made on 100% cotton bristol and are archivally matted and framed.


To Touch Immortality

"What I really want to express in my work is love, beauty, and spirit," says artist Barbara Kacicek. Kacicek is one of the few contemporary artists who have chosen drawing as their primary medium.

"Drawing ... is such an intimate, honest expression," she explains. Her intention is to capture in "in purely visual poetics the interplay between memory and emotion and imagination, to create a world of things recalled from my own experience." She emphasizes that as this is female experience, it brings forth a distinct way of looking a the body and the world.

Kacicek carefully builds up her graphite and charcoal images layer by layer, as an Old Master painter would use glazes. Her drawings, such as Birth of Venus, often take about six months of solid drawing to complete. Each has a vivid three-dimensionality, a sense of depth that is more than physical. The artist says, "The reason they look the way they do is that I like to imbue each thing with life, to bring it to a sort of peak of experience."

Kacicek often uses imagery that has very personal significance to her, but that has universal meaning as well. The combination of lunar and solar elements, for example, represents the melding of the intuitive, unconscious, female realm with the "solar" way of reason, reflection and objectivity. Her symbology, she says, is usually related to immortality. "What I'm attempting to do in my work is to express my experience as a spiritual being living a physical life on this planet."

The work of fifteenth-century Italian Renaissance masters has been a chief influence of Kacicek's artistic development. "What really attracts me to the Old Master paintings and drawings," she says, "is that they took so much care in their craft. What I see today is there's not much craft, and not much heart." Kacicek painstakingly invests these into her evocative drawings, making each a unique and indelible statement.

- Susan Osmond, Editor, The World & I